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How to Start a Tattoo Shop

If you want to jump on to the tattoo bandwagon and cash in on the bountiful opportunities on offer, your first step would be to start a tattoo shop. However, it is easier said than done and you have to go through specific steps before you can hope to make it big in this field. It has to be remembered that tattooing is an intricate art and requires the craftsmanship of an expert to truly cater to the requirements of clients. Additionally, in the hands of untrained amateurs, it can lead to severe health problems and this can drag a tattoo shop owner into unwanted litigation at a later date. Hence it is always advisable to be careful and plug all the loopholes before you venture into this area.

What then are the specifics that you should look into before starting a tattoo shop?

Gain hands on knowledge – While it is true that you will be employing tattoo artists as you expand your business, it always pays to have hands on expertise. You can then be aware of even the smallest nuances of your business and get better control over it. There are many programmes that you can enrol in meant especially for budding tattoo artists. A good course that lasts between 12 to 24 months will help you greatly but it can be very expensive too. Treat this as an investment in your business and go ahead with the training. This experience will be crucial for you when you have expansion plans on the anvil in future.

A good location for your shop – Choose a good location for your shop. Pick on a place that has lots of traffic and pedestrians. A decision to have a tattoo is often taken at the spur of the moment and with a place like this, you are bound to get a lot of walk-in clients. Further, when people can see your business from the road, the impression will be tucked away in their minds for a visit at a later date. But remember, taking a shop on lease has its own legal complexities and you will do well to hire a commercial property lawyer to guide you in this regard.

Invest judiciously in equipment – Unless you have a big stash to ground your business, it’s always wise to start off with things that you need and add equipment as you expand, get more clients and hire more tattoo artists. Initially, you’ll need a tattoo gun, needles, transfers and furniture. This will include some for the lobby and some for the tattoo rooms. The chairs should be functional yet comfortable. The ambience should be relaxing enough to make your clients get over their primary fear of tattooing. So far as consumables like needle and ink is concerned, keep stocks low, maybe at two weeks level to avoid blocking your investment.

Advertising your shop – As in any business, this will be crucial for you. Have a good, attractive and user friendly website and have it SEO optimised to draw in traffic. Go for paid campaigns and opt for extensive publicity on social media platforms. Business cards and flyers too are an essential part of promotion and if your finances permit, book slots on radio and TV.

Go through these steps and starting a tattoo shop should not be too difficult for you.

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How to Start a Tattoo Business

Tattooing today is big business, thanks to its popularity across all age groups, profession and people from all walks of life. The latest fad is to have tattoos, either discretely popping out from the cape of the neck or cleavage or over broad swathes of the skin. It has even transcended social barriers and flaunting a tattoo in office or at poolside barbeques is more of a rule than an exception today. It is thus small wonder that tattoo clinics and parlours are springing up everywhere to cash in on this boom and fad for tattoos.

The primary benefit that makes starting a tattoo business so attractive is the margin of profit. It takes a around $25,000 to get into business on a moderate scale, but the low cost of consumables ensures a profit margin of around 75%. Thus, even if you borrow to set up shop, you should be recouping the amount in a year and be in the green thereafter.

When starting a tattoo business, there are two specific aspects that you should be aware of. The first is following local rules for starting up business, drawing up a business plan, having a highly optimised designed and developed website and choosing a good location for your business. The next is setting up your clinic and interior decoration, buying the equipment and hiring expert tattooists to work for you.

In the preparation stage, start off with acquiring the necessary permissions especially from the health authorities. A part of this preparatory activity is familiarising yourself with the art of tattooing. True, you will have trained people working for you, but it pays in the long run to have hands on approach. After all it’s your business and nothing should be out of your purview of control.

So far as advertising your business is concerned, it is always advisable now to go the digital way. Have an agency reputed for web design in Melbourne or wherever you are starting off to structure a highly optimised website for you that will have good rankings on major search engines. Have your site structured for local searches to bring in the surrounding population to your establishment. This will be a part of your business plans that will also include marketing, financials and expansion plans in the future.

Choosing the location of the clinic is crucial for your business. It need not be in main shopping or business areas, rentals here are always at a premium. But do not move to the suburbs or outskirts of the town, a good bustling residential area should do for you. Get permissions from your landlord in writing to set up partitions, sinks and extra electrical outlets.

Finally, get the best equipment that money can buy. Fast painless tattooing will establish you as a leader in this field quickly. Stock on consumables well in advance and scrupulously monitor your inventories. There is nothing more embarrassing than running out of ink or anything else and having to turn away potential clients.

Follow these basic tips and you should be off to a flying start.